Chavey Down Village Flag

Chavey Down has its own village flag which is flown from the flagpole at St Martin’s Church in Church Road on special occasions such as 80th, 90th and 100th birthdays, and is flown at half-mast for funerals.

The flagpole was erected to commemorate The Queen’s Golden Jubilee, with the flag being designed by Neil Grimshaw.  The triangles depict the shape of the area of Chavey Down which was then part of Windsor Forest, the trees show that it formed common land and was enclosed by George III and the windmill denotes the fact that an ancient windmill was sited in the area of the village in the grounds of Chavey Down Farm (or Chavey Down Lodge as it was previously known).  The colours of the flag are purple and gold to show the royal connection and green to represent Windsor Forest.

The St George pennant is normally flown, being the means of indicating that it is a flagpole in use.  The full St George Flag is flown for religious celebrations such as Christmas and Easter.  The Union Flag (it is only called the Union Jack when on board a ship) is flown on state occasions such as Remembrance or for events connected with the royal family.

Please contact the Chavey Down Association if you would like the village flag flown on a special occasion.