The greater our membership, the stronger our voice ….

Membership is open to residents of Chavey Down and is secured by payment of the annual subscription, and acceptance of membership by the Committee. The membership year runs from the commencement of the AGM meeting, April/May each year.

Chavey Down is defined as the following area:

  • Bakehouse Court
  • Birch Lane
  • Cannon Mews
  • Chavey Down Road (to the junction of Woolford Close on the right, and the property of Hulloch on the left)
  • Church Road
  • Healthlands Place
  • Locks Ride
  • Longhill Road (excluding Hawkins Close but including the lane adjoining the property Chavey Down Lodge and excluding the properties on the Warfield Park Drive adjoining Catherine Lodge)
  • North Road
  • Priory Road
  • Sandy Lane (up to and including the property of Silverdale)
  • Scotts Mews

People living outside the defined area may also apply to become members of the Association and acceptance is purely at the discretion of the Committee and provided the Committee believes they have the interests of the Association at heart.

Membership shall be defined in the following terms:-

1) Family

2) Individual

3) Senior citizen (60 years or over)

4) Honorary/Life membership, bestowed at the discretion of the Committee for those who have undertaken special service on behalf of the community.

Download a copy of the latest Chavey Down Association Membership Application Form.

Download a copy of the Chavey Down Association Rules that were adopted at the 2019 AGM.

Download a copy of the Minutes of the Chavey Down Association Annual General Meeting 2019.