Chavey Down selected for Good Causes by Bracknell Forest Council

We are absolutely delighted that Chavey Down has been selected by Bracknell Forest Council for one of the three good causes for their Recycling Scheme for the period 1st November 2018 to 31st January 2019. This will hopefully raise sufficient funds to be able to erect an information sign for villagers and walkers at the top of Sandy Lane to commemorate the historical reference to the old mill ride at Chavey Down (i.e. the Windmill at Chavey Down Farm). See below information on how the scheme works. We hope that you will support the Chavey Down Association, and your Parish Councillors, Jordan Masters, Colin Yates and Dorothy Hayes with this initiative to recognise and comHow to donate your points

To donate your recycling reward points to any of these causes, log into your account using the attached link and type in your E plus card number. Link:

A point counts as a vote, rather than a monetary value. The scheme is sponsored and currently £1,000 is available to be split between the good causes every three months. When the donation period ends, the points total is recorded and £1,000 is split between the three causes. The funds are split in proportion to the points donated to each cause.